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Gain Confidence with Nicole Bonecki

Title: Find Your Truth & Improve Your Self-Esteem with Steve O'Connell

Professor: Steve O’Connell

Length: Video 1: 67 minutes

Investment: $50


What is your truth? What matters to you and how does it drive you and your self-esteem? These are just some of the questions and focuses Steve O’Connell dives into in this training. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or in the corporate world, knowing your truth and having a solid self-esteem makes a huge difference. Discover your Truth and improve your self-esteem today!

This training was part of our Positivity Deep Dive in May of 2021. Regardless of when it was recorded for, you will have incredible take-a-ways and learn from an amazing speaker and teacher! 

This training is only available with the JFA Scholar Membership!