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Spencer Jones Bio

Spencer Jones loves to help people live their lives to the max through a holistic approach. Starting with having a positive and abundant mindset, followed by being physically healthy so you can chase your passions, and rounding it out with having a clear greater purpose.

Known as the Prince of Positivity and the Energy Ambassador he shares his positive energy and spreads joy around the world. He does this by sharing tips, tricks, and strategies to help others live life to the max through his two podcasts called the Jonesin’ for Show and the Daily Energize along with various groups, memberships, courses, and events.

Spencer is a classically trained pianist and choir director who has published three books and has been published in multiple magazines and websites. When he’s not working with others he loves to spend time with his wife, Katie, and having incredible experiences traveling! Learn how you can gain more positivity and become an Energy Ambassador on his website:


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