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Sleep 911

Title: Sleep 911

Professor: Spencer Jones

Length: 15 Videos all between 2-10 minutes long

Investment: $97 OR It is included in your JFA Scholar Membership


Do you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep? If you said yes, then this course is for you! Throughout this course you will learn numerous strategies to help you fall asleep and stay asleep!

Throughout this course Spencer Jones shares 6 common reasons people struggle to fall and stay asleep and offers multiple strategies to overcome each one. Plus he offers numerous other strategies, provides resources, and guidance so you can have success. 

You will also have access to a few different meditations and breathwork sessions you can do in real time!

This course can be used three ways. One way is to go through it like a regular course and you can watch the videos, learn the lessons, and use them as needed. 

Option 2 is you just go right to the area you are struggling and learn the specific strategies that can help you.

And Option 3 is to use it when you are struggling to fall asleep. Use the breathwork, meditations, and strategies in real time to help you fall asleep!

The investment for this 15 video course is only $97! Most courses like this go for double if not triple that price. PLUS this course is INCLUDED in the JFA Scholar membership! So why not become a Scholar and pay less and get access to this course and so many more! You can join as a Scholar or purchase this course on it’s own to add to your collection. Just click the button that best works for you below and start sleeping better today!

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