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Return to Wholeness with Michael LeBlanc

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Title: Return to Wholeness

Professor: Michel LeBlanc

Length: 19 Videos

Investment: $297


Return to Wholeness (Balance and Bless Your Energy Centers) Online Course

You Deserve to Feel Better. Your natural state is meant to be one of Wellness, Wholeness, and Wellbeing.  

You do not need to wait until you have completed all of the modules to begin receiving the benefits of the meditation. You can download it immediately and begin right away!


Testimonials are below! 

What's in the Course?

Opening: A true story of a Life Transformed using this process

  -Hear Anne's transformational story, an overview of the Course and a bit of information about the creator of the course.

  -Enhance your experience by downloading the Return to Wholeness Workbook.  

Module 1: Your Divine and Energetic Nature

  -Learn about your Energy Body (includes your 8 Energy Centers).

  -Review how you are an extension of the Divine, along with other topics such as your Core Star and Hara Lines.

Module 2:  8 Energy Centers

  -Gain knowledge about the location, and general function of each of the 8 Energy Centers. Identify the colors too. 

  -The color for example has to do with the vibrational frequency of the center. Each center is a different frequency and therefore has a different color.  

Module 3: Blocked Energy and You + Health and Brain Benefits

  -Active participation in this Energy Meditation is designed to bring in more Divine Energy/Divine consciousness to each center to help energetic and emotional blocks dissolve and transform. 

  -This helps to allow your natural state of Wellness, Wholeness and Health to return ... thus the name of the course, "Return to Wholeness". 

Module 4: Five Specific Healing Techniques Incorporated into One Easy to Use Guided Process

  -The Five are: 1-Invite of Divine Self. 2-Soft Focus. 3-Breath Technique. 4-Reiki. 5-Ho Oponopono.

  -Each process is reviewed and this module includes a practice of the Breath technique, Rieki and Ho' Oponopono.

Module 5: Overview and Brief Discuss About Meditation Expectations

  -A brief discussion about what to expect and not to expect during the meditation.

  -Download The Audio of The Guided Energy Meditation to begin using immediately.  

  -Consistently using the Return to Wholeness Energy Meditation is what allows the greatest benefits. 



  -Bonus: Hara Line Meditation

  -Bonus:  'Experiment with Love' Meditation

  -Bonus:  Return to Wholeness Process and Manifesting

Get the Return To Wholeness Course Today

What People Are Saying

"After just one expereince of this guided meditation, I experienced a calming, peaceful affect that enabled me to eliminate damaging memories from my thoughts. It allowed me forgive those who participated in the hurtful actions."

– Sylvia

"It works! I actually felt the energy when we were concentrating on my heart, which was unbelievable. I wasn’t sure it would actually work but it does. My stress level is way down compared to where it was."

– Shelia

"I envisioned forgiving myself for past experiences and allowing myself and my body to heal from these life altering things. When I started I was about a 5 out of 10 with regards to my energy and after I am at a 10!"

– Cheryl

"I’ve noticed I feel less pain in my body and I’m sleeping better."

– Aundrea