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Nervous System Calm

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Title: Nervous System Calm

Professor: Alison Leitheiser

Length: 2 Hours

Investment: $197


This workshop guides you through applied neurology, specific exercises that work on the nervous system by turning up the volume on the parts of your brain and the hormones that make you feel calm and safe while also turning down the volume on the parts of your brain and hormones that signal stress, threat and hyper-vigilance.

This is not a one-time healing session, this is equipping YOU with the knowledge, tools and experience to make changes and rewire your own unique and beautiful nervous system.

The result? The physical movements I will teach you change the hormonal signals in your body, leaving you able to better release toxins, more energized, resourced and able to take back the keys to your own paradise. When your brain is stressed, your hormonal landscape is out of whack. Your stress hormones take over and it is very difficult to have a balanced;-Hormonal System-Immune System-Digestive System-Detoxification System-Drainage System

The workshop will run approximately 2 hours. A study guide and workshop access will be provided.

NERVOUS SYSTEM CALM focuses on bringing more stability and safety into our physical body so we can thrive not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. The first class sets the foundation for a calm nervous system and how to regulate yourself. This first class prepares the body to more effectively balance hormones.

Nervous System Calm: Often the precursor to balance our hormones has to start with creating more safety in our nervous system. Our brain is hard wired to detect threat, and a reaction to threat shifts our nervous system into “Fight Flight or Freeze” or the sympathetic nervous system. We have all experienced trauma to varying degrees and have dealt with our brain perceiving a lack of safety. That “Fight Flight or Freeze” response can get to be a pattern or groove from which we operate out of, very much like a record on a record player. To heal, it’s important to bring a sense of safety and flexibility into the body through the Parasympathetic Nervous System. These exercises help you forge new pathways to operate out of a calm nervous system.

For example, we will create mental space and a sense of well being by balancing the Frontal Lobe, the part of your brain behind your forehead that is involved in reason, judgment and executive thinking. Overactive thoughts and an out of balance Frontal Lobe can lead to feelings of anxiety, stress and too much of “being in your head."

Other types of nervous system activation will include the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus Nerve has a huge influence on our ability to “rest, digest and heal.” Stimulate the Vagus Nerve through different physical movements and we change the way our heart can pound in your chest when you are stressed, how the body can digest food, sleep deeply and wake refreshed. It also has a big effect on your flexibility, helping soothe stomach, neck and back pain.

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