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Meditation 101

Title: Meditation 101

Professor: Spencer Jones

Length: 16 Minutes



Have you ever tried meditation? Maybe you have but stopped because it didn’t seem to work or you felt frustrated because you couldn’t “stop the voices in your head” from talking or couldn’t focus on one thing for more than a few seconds. We get it! And actually, Spencer felt the same way! He couldn’t slow down his mind long enough to get much of any immediate benefit. But by sticking with it and experimenting and learning he discovered ways to gain the benefit of meditation while having a hyper mind. 

If you are ready to finally feel calmer, more focused, and gain clarity through meditation then this free training is for you! In Meditation 101 Spencer shares his rollercoaster experience with meditation and various strategies on how you can get the most out of this practice and grow it to really impact your life.

Give meditation a try (or a second chance) and experience the incredible benefits it offers! Get access to this free training by clicking the button below or join as a JFA Scholar and get unlimited access to a number of trainings and courses!

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