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Make Peace with Your Struggles

Title: Make Peace with Your Struggles

Professor: Michael LeBlanc

Length: Intro - 4 Minutes, Meditation - 19 Minutes



“Let’s journey within, leave your analytical mind and tap into your own Divine Intelligence in order to shift the stuck consciousness and energy of issues, struggles or limiting beliefs holding you back,” says Michael. “The energy of your limits and struggles is different than the energy of your success and solutions.”

He knows personally that for our outer world to change our inner consciousness and energy must shift first and then improvements will follow.

Michael continues, “If you want an improvement to occur you have to make peace with your struggle and become a new and improved energy. This new ‘space’ of energy and consciousness ‘within you’ allows something new and improved to occur in your life.”

Sonya made this comment after one experience with Michael’s Make Peace with Your Struggle guided energy meditation. 

“Wow, Wow! Initially it was hard to get out of my head and into my heart, but I did and could actually feel myself let go of my issue and stuggle and that is when I started to cry because it feels so good to truly let it go. That’s also when I received clarity about what I needed to do! That was extremely powerful.” -Sonya

Michael’s Make Peace with Your Struggles Meditation is a Breath & Heart Centered Guided Energy Meditation designed help you learn how to use your focus, breath and heart center to interrupt the momentum, stress and negative energy of your stuggle and ‘shift’ to the energy and consciousness of ease, solutions and Divine guidance. This meditation helps you tune into the Divine Energy and Consciousness of solutions…that space within where all your prayers are already answered.

As you enter into the meditation and begin to ‘sense’ your breath and heart center, you begin to feel a lessening of the negative momentum and an increase in ease and relief. 

These improved emotions are your indicator that you are shifting your energy and consciousness away from your struggle, beginning to make peace with it and more importantly you are moving into a new and improved energy and consciousness. This ‘shift within’ is what allows for something new and improved to occur in your experience.

“24 hours after the meditation, my boss that I had been struggling with for a couple of months actually initiated a conversation! He actually acknowledged and apologized for his rude behavior and indicated he really did want things to go back to being better between us. Amazing! This really reinforced the power of our meditation and the power of changing my energy! It worked! Thank you for helping me.” - Cheryl

Enjoy and use Michael’s Make Peace with Your Struggles guided energy meditaiton as often as needed. You deserve and can Manifest Your Best Life!

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