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Jonesin' for Meditation Hub

Title: Jonesin' for Meditation Hub

Length: Multiple Videos of various lengths from 3-20 minutes long



Originally designed for companies to offer as a benefit to their team members the Meditation Hub is perfect for anyone looking to release some stress, lower anxiety, find some peace, and gain some energy. They are perfect whether you are at home or the office and need a few minutes to regain clarity, peace, and energy.

Here's what you will will get as a Scholar enjoying the perk of the Meditation Hub.

Permanent Videos:

-What is Meditation-How to Maximize Meditation for You

-1 Minute Reduce Stress Breath Work Session

-3 Minute Calming Meditation

-5 Minute Desk Meditation

-10 Minute Upper Body Workout

-10 Minute Lower Body Workout

-10 Minute Full Body Workout

-10 Minute Stretching/Yoga Workout

Meditation Videos Themes that are Updated Monthly

-Reduce Stress




-Intention Setting


-Overcoming Obstacles

-And much more

The Meditation Hub is ONLY available to Scholar Members. If you would like for your employer to offer the meditation hub as a benefit, contact Spencer!

Join as a JFA Scholar


"Spencer's meditations are a useful tool to keep up morale and productivity in the workplace.

When used daily, Spencer's meditations bring a positive mindset. They help me go to work focused and ready to take on the day, no matter what it brings.  

Spencer is just a regular guy with regular life issues. He isn't hokey, he isn't a "miracle worker" and doesn't claim to have healing powers. He just is a ball of energy, positivity and makes everyone feel welcome. This follows me to the workplace, where I know the energy he gives will help me stay productive all day.

Including a positive person in the workplace like Spencer, especially in today's time with Covid and extra worry, will make any workplace a better place to be."

- Erica

"Awesome experience every time! Spencer’s guided meditations will warm your spirit and settle your soul. With his calm personality and energetic voice, Spencer will help you to create your very own gratefulness blanket that you can wrap around your heart. Join him today and experience his endless positive energy." 

– Tina

"Ever since I started doing meditations with Spencer I go into my day feeling empowered, energized, and encouraged. Out of all the meditation teachers I use Spencer is probably my favorite. You will not regret working with him, he is a Godsend."

– Levi

"Spencer Jones meditations have become part of my daily dose of positivity and inspiration. They arm me with courage and gratitude as I face the day's trials and challenges, and I find I can to be a greater support for others."

– Kerstin