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We offer 2 easy ways you can join the Jonesin' for Academy!

Apprentice Membership

This is our FREE membership program. At the very least, you will need this membership to gain access to any of the trainings you would like to invest in. And as a bonus you will get free access to:

-Meditation 101

-Journaling 101

-Introduction to All Core No Floor

-Gratitude Meditation

-Make Peace with Your Struggles

-Apprentice Park Workout

-Tools for Empowering Children

-Prepare for Growth

-Financing Your Dreams

-Energy Hub Private Membership Community

If you're ready to dip your toe in and learn from some amazing experts, join JFA as an Apprentice today!

Join as an Apprentice Today

But why slow down your growth? Get access to thousands of dollars of trainings and courses at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost as a JFA Scholar! Learn more below!

Scholar Membership

Get Access to Over $5,000 worth of trainings and courses, and join the exclusive Energy Hub Private Community. PLUS you'll receive incredible discounts on a variety of Cohorts! When you become a JFA Scholar, you level up your personal development journey and prime yourself to hit the stratosphere with your growth! 

As a a JFA Scholar you will get unlimited access to:


  -Everything in the Apprentice Membership

  -Energy Hub Private Membership Community

  -Jonesin' for Meditation Hub

 -Incredible JFA Trainings & Courses

   -5 Day Positivity Challenge

   -5 Day Positivity Deep Dive

   -5 Hacks to Gain Positivity

  -Sleep 911

  -Bolster Up Your Boldness

  -How to Let Go of Guilt & Shame Course

  -Hara Line Meditation with Michael LeBlanc

   -2021 Destress Your Life Event Replay

   -2021 Virtual Wellness Retreat Replay

   -Being Intentional with Michael Fabber

   -Elevate Your Life with Sean Coe

   -Empowering Ourselves and Others with Amy Kraus

   -Find Your Truth & Improve Your Self-Esteem with Steve O'Connell

  -Gaining Confidence with Nicole Bonecki

  -Hushing the Inner Bully with Shawn Douglass

  -Masterful Mindset with Tasha Danvers

  -Raising Awareness with Mark Martinez

  -Ultimate Success Formula with Doug Fitzgerald

  -Scholar Park Workout

  -Wellness Jumpstart 5 Day Challenge with Alison Leitheiser

  -Breathwork with Michael Bradley

  -Nutrition with Scotty Mo & Teddy McDonald

  -Financing Your Dreams with Sean Coe


 -Access to a JFA Advisor to help create your map and guide you on your journey

 -AND a CUSTOM Jonesin' for Hoodie

New trainings and courses will be added to the Scholar Membership every month! The value never ends!

That's over $5000 of value for only $97/mo or $997/yr

Your membership price will never increase as long as you are a member! We won't randomly raise your price on you. When you're in, you're set! It would only increase if you left JFA and then decided to come back.

If you are ready to jump in and go all in on your personal growth, then join us as a JFA Scholar today!!! 

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