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How to Let Go of Guilt & Shame

Title: How to Let Go of Guilt & Shame

Professor: Spencer Jones

Length: 5 Videos - 5-13 minutes each

Investment: $97 OR it is included in the JFA Scholar Membership


Does your inner critic beat you up by bringing up things that happened in your past? Mistakes you made that you wish you could change but you can’t. It happens to everyone. But some people seem to just let it roll off their back and not slow them down. For others, it’s like a weight that is always there, oppressing them from living their lives to the max. It’s their “cross to bear” as the saying goes.

How would you feel if you didn’t have that weight any more? If you were finally able to let it go and stand tall? Would you feel energized? Empowered? Like you can conquer anything? Well you can experience that! And you are worthy to feel that way! You don’t need that weight oppressing you any longer. It’s time to be set free!

In this four video course from Spencer Jones, the Prince of Positivity, describes the difference between Guilt & Shame and shares multiple strategies in how you can finally release yourself from their ice cold grips. Plus you will receive various printables that will help you reflect, work through and release the weight you are feeling.

It’s time to free yourself from the weight of the past and step into your incredible full self! If you’re ready to be free, then jump into this training asap!

This training costs $97. However, if you are a JFA Scholar this training is included with your membership and you have unlimited access! Are you interested in what being a Scholar offers? Click below!

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