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Grounded & Present

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Title: Grounded & Present

Professor: Alison Leitheiser

Length: 2 Hours

Investment: $197


(Note: Here is a list of items to bring)



-SUNGLASSES or if you have glasses with colored lenses, bring those too!

-WATER with a straw

-THERABAND or large pashmina 

-SPACE: we will be getting up and moving so please have a space ready to be able to get up and move about freely

At the holidays, we get the opportunity to be with friends and family. Often, we are so burnt out and overwhelmed that we are too distracted and exhausted to really be present or truly enjoy the gift of being with our loved ones.


You deserve better! They deserve better!


This workshop is designed to make room in your nervous system for connection, both to your own body and to others.

With this work, we are able to experience, practice and upgrade our ability to be present and grounded in our bodies. This allows us to have an ever deepening ability to balance our nervous system and have increased capacity to truly enjoy the moment.

Come feel what it’s like to be more rooted and connected to yourself. Experientially receive the gift of these tools so that you can deepen into a new level of feeling grounded and being present. I’m so excited to share this time with you!

This Recorded 2-hour workshop gives you the guidance and tools to move stagnant energy in your body and decreases pain, stress and overwhelm. A replay will be available for those who can’t join live or who want to have a refresher!

Walk away feeling more present, calm, peaceful, and empowered to use these tools again and again to recreate better balance, decrease fatigue and pain. Experience a grounded calm in your nervous system.

Get strategies to refresh an overstimulated or fatigued brain. We will be deliberately moving, breathing, visualizing and doing specific techniques on different nerves in the body to create this calming effect.


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