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Getting into the Pelvis

Get the Getting into the Pelvis Training Today

Title: Getting into the Pelvis

Professor: Alison Leitheiser

Length: 2 Hours

Investment: $197


With this work, we are able to experience, practice and upgrade our ability to be present and grounded in our bodies. This allows us to have an ever deepening ability to balance our nervous system and have increased capacity to truly enjoy the moment.

Come feel what it’s like to be more rooted and connected to yourself. Experientially receive the gift of these tools so that you can deepen into a new level of feeling grounded and being present. I’m so excited to share this time with you!

This 2-hour workshop gives you the guidance and tools to move stagnant energy in your body and decreases pain, stress and overwhelm.

Walk away feeling more present, calm, peaceful, and empowered to use these tools again and again to recreate better balance, better elimination and better detox. Experience a grounded calm in your nervous system and get into your pelvis.

We will be deliberately moving, breathing, releasing organs, visualizing and doing specific techniques on different nerves in the body to create this calming effect.

Here's What You Get:

Group Workshop - connect for two hours through a group zoom to dive deep into content and experiential training to create and nurture your ability to ground and be present


Getting into the Pelvis Study Guide - we equip and empower you with descriptions of the workshop content so you can easily navigate and recreate the amazing drills for yourself over and over again to extend and deepen that sense of calm and peace.

Self-Healing Drills - exact information about what to do and how to do it for maximized healing and integration on a mind, body and spirit level


Embodied Visualizations - paired with the experiential training, these guided imagery experiences help you create new neural pathways in your body for deeper healing, grounding and presence.

Respiration Training - you take around 20,000 breaths a day, implement these tools to make each one count and to influence your mind, body and spirit 

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