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Energy Ambassador Certification Cohort

Title: Energy Ambassador Certification Cohort

Professor: Spencer Jones

Length: 5 Weeks - 1x a week for 1 hour. (Tuesday Evenings. Time TBD Jan. 10th - Feb. 7th)

Investment: $247 


Imagine having limitless positivity, a clear direction of where you are going, and the knowledge and skills to come back to focus after an obstacle arises. Having that would be a game changer! You would be less stressed, have more confidence, be healthier, and of course, more positive.

How can you experience that?

With our Energy Ambassador Cohort!

This 5 week cohort will help you:

⚡️Develop habits that will positively impact your life

⚡️Know why and how the benefits benefit you

⚡️Have a sense of direction of where to go in life

⚡️Have sustainable positivity

⚡️Know the 3 Pillars of being and Energy Ambassador

⚡️Know how to share your light

⚡️Connect with others

But what does that really mean? What does look like and feel like? Well it means you'll experience:

🎉Never feeling alone because you have a community of people who love, support, and encourage you.

⚡️Understand how and why positivity works

😀Feel more positive/be happier

💪Stay healthier

👊Have a game plan of how to go forward

😀Less Stress

👍Build Confidence

⚡️Increased Life Span

⭐️Lower rate of Depression

⚡️⚡️⚡️Feel ENERGIZED

Over these 5 weeks you will learn from Spencer Jones, the Prince of Positivity himself about his proven 3 Pillar approach that has helped thousands of people dissolve the walls of darkness holding them back and be energized! Plus there will be discussions about the weekly topics so you can get to know and learn from other amazing community members.

After the 5 weeks you will receive your official Jonesin' for Energy Ambassador Certificate showing that you have gone through the course, learned what it means to be an Energy Ambassador, and how to live it out. You can use the everything you learned to help you Live Your Life to the Max but you can also use it to help friends, family, and even clients. Adding an Energy Ambassador Certification to your repertoire of skills will help you ignite other peoples lights!

This Cohort is scheduled to take place via zoom on Tuesday Evenings, Jan. 10th - Feb. 7th. Each meeting will be an hour long.

The investment for earning this certification is $247. This is the very first certification we are running and the investment will never be this price again. So don't miss out and jump into our very first Energy Ambassador Certification Cohort today! 

Register for the Energy Ambassador Certification Here