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Bolster Up Your Boldness

Title: Bolstering Up Your BOLDNESS

Professor: Spencer Jones

Length: 3 Videos all between 4-10 minutes long

Investment: $47 OR It is included in your JFA Scholar Membership


What’s the first thing that comes to mind with being bold? For me, it’s people who take risks, face their fears, and do incredible acts! You don’t need to be a superhero to be bold. Anyone can be! And that means YOU can be too!

In this 3 video course Spencer shares how you can develop and build your boldness so you can feel confident, empowered, courageous, and feel like you have a direction. Imagine not letting fear stop you from reaching your goals and dreams. You believe in yourself through and through! Can you imagine how energizing that would feel! Well after you take this course and implement the 5 step process Spencer shares, you will! 

Don’t let fear or excuses stop you now. Say good bye to them and take this course! Your investment is either $49 for this course OR it is INCLUDED in the JFA Scholar Membership. Join as a scholar and get access to this and many other trianings and courses at your fingertips! (Plus some other amazing goodies)

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