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Amy Kraus Bio

Amy Kraus is a national youth empowerment speaker, business owner, veteran educator and mom of two. Her mission of the Kindness Starts With Me! Educational program is to give elementary and middle school students, staff and parents tools they can use on a daily basis that bolster self esteem and remind them that they have the power within themselves to go out and attain the goals they put in place for themselves. Amy has a passion for helping kids find love within themselves and to make sure they never feel alone again. In addition she speaks to students, parents and educational staff on the focus of Standing up for one another and embracing our uniqueness. 

´╗┐In connection with her educational program Amy is a mental health advocate giving voice to those who struggle in silence by sharing her own mental health battles and journey. She speaks regularly to schools, community organizations and on social media platforms that advocate for all people. As a woman who was on the edge of ending her life she has now transformed her life and become the stand for creating a world where everyone can be themselves unapologetically and unconditionally loved scars and all. 

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