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All Core No Floor

Title: All Core No Floor

Professor: Renae Harbin & Allegra Pacheco

Length: 11 minutes - Introduction Class - 30 minutes - Full Class

Investment: Complimentary - Introduction Class -$10 - 30 Minute FULL Class 


A class designed for clients who have a problem doing the average floor abdominal exercises. Here is a way to build a strong core which is the first foundation to keep from being injured. Benefits of a strong core enhances balance and stability which can help prevent injuries during sports or everyday activities. For example, taking laundry out of the dryer, carrying groceries. A strong core helps with almost everything you do. A strong core also supports a better posture that is a definite asset to our gently seasoned clients. As we age our balance and stability can be compromised, again a very good reason to maintain a strong core for the rest of your life.

All Core No Floor has a complimentary Introduction Class included in the Apprentice and Scholar Membership and a Full 30 minute class that costs $10. 

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