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5 Day Positivity Deep Dive

Title: 5 Day Positivity Deep Dive

Professor: Spencer Jones

Length: 5 days (Challenges range 2-4 minutes and trainings are 10-15 minutes long)

Investment: $97 or it is included in the Scholar Membership

Prerequisite: 5 Day Positivity Deep Dive


Do you want to take your positivity to the next level? To feel happier, be filled with more joy, and not let the day to day negatives wear you down? Well to do that, we need to go deep and that’s exactly what happens in this 5 Day Positivity Deep Dive!

But before you dive deep, make sure you have the foundations and set yourself up for success by taking the 5 Day Positivity Challenge. That course is a prerequisite for the Deep Dive. 

Inside this Deep Dive you will be given a variety of challenges that have you dig deeper into yourself and uncover more tools, strategies, and beliefs that you can use to grow your positivity! Some of these tasks will physically take 10 minutes or less but many of them will have you thinking about it throughout the day. Raising your awareness to various ideas and thoughts that can help you improve your life! But like nearly anything, what you put in is what you get out. So if you don’t put any effort in, you won’t get much of anything out of it! 

Not only will you get the challenges, you will receive two trainings that work perfectly with the challenges and will help you develop a positive and abundant mindset which leads you to have a positive and energized life! and create a positive and abundant mindset!

This course is broken down into 9 videos. 5 Challenge Videos, 2 Training Videos, 1 Bonus video, and a welcome video!

The investment for this course is $97, However, if you are a JFA Scholar this training is included with your membership and you have unlimited access! Why wait and either log in now or join as a scholar and get access this amazing course and many others all at your fingertips!

If you would like to purchase this training and have unlimited access to it, click the button below!

Take on the 5 Day Positivity Deep Dive